Four Duck Pond Greenhouse

Life Blooms with Strong roots


It’s all about roots….

Family, FRIENDS, community, and gardening

Whether you are interested in annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, or vegetables, plants of the highest quality are the best step toward your success and enjoyment. Four Duck Pond Greenhouse provides clients with quality plants and knowledgeable assistance to help their gardens thrive.

Gardening should also be fun, relaxing, and interesting! Deborah and Dean Sprague love to share their passion with other people so they can understand and enjoy gardening as well. Unusual bits of advice and words of encouragement are always given with a smile: Did you know that tomato hornworms can be easily found at night with a black light?

They are constantly striving for excellence so you will always find a great selection, the highest quality available, and reasonable prices to boot!

Deborah and Dean Sprague are proud and thankful to share their dream with the community, because after all, it’s all about roots.



(207) 841-7020



1143 West Road
Bowdoin, ME 04287


Everyday 9am–6pm 


All of the plants offered for sale are grown on-site